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02. Some Special Where
03. Memories of Primitive Man
04. Contra Tempo
05. Iowa Corn Field
06. Amazon Rainforest Three
07. Samurai Jam
08. Heel and toe
09. Running away
10. Never Never Change
11. Dinosaurs don't feel sorrow
12. I only hope I will be delicious
13. Widespread Rain
14. Yes I remember you
15. Amazon Rainforest Four
16. Yes I remember you refrain

Composed, Produced and Engineered by Seigen Ono
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Saidera Mastering, January 2013 to June 2015

Contrabass on all tracks by Pearl Alexander, except ※
Guitar on “Iowa Corn Field” “Running away” “Dinosaurs don't feel sorrow” by Seigen Ono, Singing on tracks “BEANS” “Running away” by Pearl Alexander. An intelligent conversation by Pearl Alexander and Arto Lindsay, voice by Yuki Ono (Multi-ch only) on “Dinosaurs don't feel sorrow” and “I only hope I will be delicious” recorded at Saidera Mastering studio and a soba restaurant, June 2015. They are talking about the space, ambience, presence of a live venue, stillness and beautiful reverberation. “Amazon Rainforest Three” “Amazon Rainforest Four” Recorded in Manaus 2010 September by Seigen Ono

※02, 04, 08, 10, 13, Original material licensed by Saidera Records “Comme des Gar-cons Seigen Ono”(1988) and “CDG REMIX SEIGEN ONO and ARTO LINDSAY” (1998) Ballet steps on “Heel and toe” by Amanda Miller and Susan Deihim, Hi-hat on “Contra Tempo” by Naná Vasconcelos, Electric Guitar on “Widespread Rain” and “Never Never Change” by Bill Frisell, Saxophone on “Never Never Change” by John Zorn, Electric Guitar on “Never Never Change” by Arto Lindsay

「Memories of Primitive Man / Seigen Ono and Pearl Alexander is a wonderfully recorded and highly listenable collaboration between Japanese composer/producer Seigen Ono and American bassist Pearl Alexander. A collection of 16 distinct songs and soundscapes comprised of layers of overdubbed doublebass goodness, samples, percussion and some guitar. The beautifully expressive arco, phat deep pocketed groove playing by Pearl Alexander and the tuneful and masterfully textured sonic sculpting by Seigen Ono. Some of music infers song form and known genres and groove transformed. A rewarding collection that is highly creative yet accessible.」(Mark Dresser)



It’s very much Seigen’s. Simplicity you can walk around in. What it must sound like to stand beside a red wood, someday. Seigen and Pearl」(Arto Lindsay)




「この音楽を説明できる的確な言葉がなくて困った。音の表現力って言葉ではまったく及ばない域のものがある。魔力あふれる美しい音の世界に連れて行ってくれるパールに感謝したい。」(本田ユカ/CIBO MATTO)

「暗闇を切り裂くコントラバスのフレーズに導かれ、さまざまな物音が交錯する圧巻のサウンドスケープ!」(國崎晋/Sound & Recording Magazine)

「(10年ぶりの新作)まだ途中のようですが、かっこいいですね! モニュメントバレーをひとりで歩きながら聴きたい感じ。」(伊島薫)


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